Unintentional Laceration or Perforation

Surgery is a complex process and mistakes can happen. The unintentional cutting, puncture or laceration of tissue, organs or vessels can have serious effects, including infection, loss of function and other outcomes such as the leakage of bile into the body cavity. These can lead to septic shock, permanent loss of function and even death, either at the time of the operation or some time after the event.

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    If a medical negligence claim ensues, proving that the underlying cause was a surgical mistake can be difficult and expert medical negligence legal advice is essential. Time limits for bringing a claim will also apply, so if this has happened to you, or a member of your family, be sure to seek advice as soon as possible. Click on the following link if you are unsure if you can sue the nhs.

    Common Questions Relating to Surgical Claims

    In this scenario a claim must be undertaken by a “litigation friend”: this is usually a close family friend, family member, or a spouse who acts in the best interest of the victim.

    How much you can claim will depend very much on the impact and severity of the injury received and ongoing expenses and loss of income.

    You may need to be assessed by a medical team for us to better understand your limitations caused by your  injury.

    Compensation will take into account future physical and psychological support required, specialist equipment and adaptions to your home that are needed. Also, any future pain and suffering that you may experience will be taken into account alongside the loss of work and income related to your injury.

    If you or a loved one has suffered an injury due to negligence please contact one of our specialist solicitors on 0333 987 4161 to discuss your claim.

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    Unfortunately, due to an error during routine surgery, a retired electrician spent more than a week with false teeth lodged down his throat. According to a recent news report in the BMJ(British Medical Journal), the shocking incident was not the first time that dentures have found themselves lodged in patients’ windpipes as a result of general anaesthesia.

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    Following the publication of a formal medical report, a mother of young children has described her feelings of desolation caused by the surgical removal of the wrong fallopian tube. Clinical support worker Chelsea Thomas recounted her experiences at Manor Hospital, part of Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust, during March 2018.

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