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Negligence in patient treatment follow up

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A successful medical procedure is rarely the end of the story for the patient and the successful conclusion of a course of treatment depends on the follow up care and treatment as much as the original operation.

Regular follow ups and check ups

Missing key dates for monitoring appointments or failing to prescribe or administer courses of drugs can render the initial treatment ineffective, while many procedures can have side-effects which can be equally serious if undetected and untreated. Psychological follow-up care can be as important as regular physical check-ups and this is an area that is frequently neglected.

When this happens, the medical practitioners can be held to be negligent and compensation for medical malpractice may be payable to cover the cost of additional treatment and care that results as well as providing compensation for the trauma suffered by the patient. Prompt legal advice is essential as medical negligence time limits will usually apply.

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