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Meningitis is a very serious disease with grave implications if not identified and treated quickly, so early diagnosis is essential.

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Meningitis is caused by either a virus or bacteria, which infects the spinal fluid and leads to inflammation of the brain. This can lead to the death of the patient, permanent brain damage or disability and is particularly dangerous for babies and young children. The bacterial form of meningitis is the most dangerous and requires immediate medical care.

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    Given the need to treat meningitis as soon as possible,
    this failure can have tragic effects

    The early symptoms of meningitis include pain in the muscles, joints or limbs, unusually cold hands and feet, or shivering and pale or blotchy skin and blue lips. These may be accompanied by a fever, headache vomiting and a blotchy red body rash which does not turn white to the touch. Later stage can include neck stiffness, photophobia and confusion.

    Symptoms in babies often vary from those in adults and include vomiting, drowsiness or floppiness, irritability and a refusal to feed. They may also develop a swelling in the front of the head and a ‘staring expression’.

    Unfortunately, it is all too common for medical professionals to mistake these symptoms for other, less serious, conditions. Given the need to treat meningitis as soon as possible, this failure can have tragic effects.

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    Our specialist solicitors have helped many people claim compensation following misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis. We also have good contacts within the care and rehabilitation industry and can put you in touch with expert case managers. With our experience in this area, we know exactly what to do to get maximum compensation in relation to the severity of your injury.

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    The legal fees that you may be charged to fight a complex case can be incredibly hard to meet especially if you are already under financial strain due to your injury. That is why we offer a policy of NO WIN NO FEE. These claims, also known as conditional fee agreements guarantee that your financial stability will not be further undermined as a result of your claim. With a NO WIN NO FEE arrangement you will only ever be charged for our services if your compensation claim is successful in court.

    Common Questions Relating to Meningitis Claims

    It is possible to make a claim for compensation under the Compensation Act if the deceased person had a family, children under the age of 18, a spouse and provided financial support, compensation is also availble if the deceased cared for another person and altenative care has to be paid for.

    We can help you recover compensation for their pain and suffering and account for financial losses caused by their death to cover funeral services.

    We can also represent you at coroners inquests.

    As in most cases you have three years to make a claim starting from the date of your injury ( or the date you became aware of the injury ). For children the three year period begins on their 18th birthday. So they have until their 21st birthday to make a claim. it is always important to contact a solicitor as soon as possible so we can begin investigating on your behalf.

    After you contact us we then set up an initial consultation to talk about your case and see if you have a claim for compensation. At this stage we will also discuss funding options that may be available to you, including No Win No Fee. 

    We then get in touch with those we deem to be responsible for the negligence/malpractice and see if they accept blame. If they accept responsibility we will try and agree interim compensation until the claim fully settles. These payments will be taken out of your final settlement.

    After fully investigating your claim and also calculating likely loss of earnings and future care expenses we will try and settle your claim. Wherever possible we aim to settle outside of court however if your opponent does not accept responsibility our only option will be to take the matter to court.

    Often claims are settled before claims come to court after court action is threatened. 

    If you or a loved one has suffered from a diagnosis failure please contact one of our specialist solicitors on 0333 987 4161 to discuss your claim.

    In The News

    February 2020

    A payout of £6 million by the NHS has been awarded to a teenage boy from Birmingham. Within hours of his birth at the Birmingham Women’s Hospital the boy was infected with Group B Streptococcus, this then developed into meningitis.

    The boy was left with permanent brain injury and cerebral palsy with a reduced life expectancy. The high court in London heard that the baby was not given antibiotics until 16hrs after birth and had the right tests be carried out and antibiotics prescribed earlier the boy would have escaped permanent injury. 

    Birmingham Women and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust admitted shortcomings in the boy’s care and their lawyers admitted in court that the child had suffered a “much greater disability” as a result in their shortcomings of care during the child’s birth. 



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