Consultant Group in Sussex Hospital Negligence Alleged Cover-Up

Police are investigating 105 cases of alleged medical negligence, including 40 patient deaths, at Royal Sussex County Hospital.

A group of consultant neurosurgeons at Royal Sussex County Hospital allegedly, according to the national press, suppressed patient safety concerns for years before the initiation of a police investigation into 40 patient deaths, according to a whistleblower’s account.

Mansoor Foroughi, a former consultant neurosurgeon at the hospital, reported safety issues 17 times from 2018 to 2021. He alleges that his alerts, including warnings about unusually high mortality rates, were “ignored and/or deliberately concealed” by a group of his colleagues he referred to as “the gang.”

The ongoing police inquiry at the Brighton hospital now covers 105 instances of suspected medical negligence, spurred by accusations of systematic concealment.

Another doctor, Krishna Singh, a general surgeon, reported suffering under the harsh leadership of a senior hospital official. He described the situation as “autocratic leadership” and a “single-minded sadistic obsession” that ignored his warnings about cost-cutting measures harming patient care.

Both surgeons had communicated to the hospital’s chief executive and chief medical officer that patients were dying unnecessarily nearly five years before the police got involved in May 2023.

Sussex Police, assisted by the National Crime Agency, launched an investigation following referrals from the senior coroner who received the complaints of concealment and negligence from Singh and Foroughi.

Foroughi, who was employed at the hospital from 2015 to 2021, initially voiced concerns about 19 deaths and 23 serious incidents of patient harm.

Singh alleged his removal from the position of clinical director was due to the trust’s promotion of underqualified surgeons and implementation of a risky work schedule. He also claimed that aggressive cost-cutting measures were leading to higher rates of complications and increased patient deaths.

The investigations into this are likely to be ongoing and develop further. If you feel you may have been affected by substandard treatment and medical care, please contact us and we will put you in touch with a clinical negligence specialist lawyer to provide further assistance.