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Delayed cancer diagnosis compensation claims

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The range of treatments for a wide range of cancers is expanding rapidly, but the key to successfully treating the disease is to attack it before it spreads from the initial part of the body to other organs. Early diagnosis therefore is crucial, but in too many cases cancers go undiagnosed until it is either too late to treat or the treatment required is far more draconian – and unpleasant – than it should have been.

Compensation for delayed cancer diagnosis

The law of medical negligence in this area is well established, but medical negligence time limits will apply and the evidential burden can be onerous. If you or a member of your family has suffered from the late diagnosis of cancer, seek expert legal advice as soon as you can. Medical negligence compensation may not be able to restore your health or return your loved ones, but can help to fill the financial void that serious diseases such as cancer create. Read more>> how to sue for medical negligence

These malpractice cases revolve around four components, and each must be proven by the plaintiff. The first is the duty element. This is inherent whenever a hospital or health care provider engages in the care and treatment of patients. This duty must have been breached. That means the health care provider did not provide the expected level of care.

Late diagnosis of cancer is something that the medical profession in the UK is well aware of

The extent of the late diagnosis of cancer is something that the medical profession in the UK is well aware of. In 2007, the Department of Health’s Cancer Reform Strategy identified late or missed diagnosis as a significant contributor to the UK’s relatively poor cancer survival rates compared to other developed countries.

Can you make a claim for delayed or misdiagnosed cancer?

You might be able to claim compensation if your healthcare provider failed to diagnose your cancer, delayed your referral for treatment or failed to administer correct testing and monitoring of your cancer.

We can help if you’ve suffered due to delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis of:

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