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Were you misdiagnosed?

Sadly delay in treatment, misdiagnosis and mismanagement of breast cancer is one of the most common claims we deal with. In part this is due to the sheer numbers involved of women suffering from breast cancer: almost 10% of all women in the UK.

Breast cancer must be diagnosed early and treatment to begin right away to increase the likelihood of a positive outcome. Delays in treatment caused by misdiagnosis bring all manner of unforeseen problems and costs, and not forgetting the emotional suffering that you and your loved ones have to deal with when your life expectancy has been affected by negligence.

  • Recognise the symptoms of breast cancer
  • Refer you to a specialist
  • Perform a biopsy
  • Refer you for CT/MRI scans
  • Correctly interpret and diagnose results

Why you should claim

As an end result from cancer misdiagnosis and your condition worsening through no fault of your own you will quite likely be left with a loss of earnings, increased costs, personal suffering and need of clinical care. it is vital you gain financial support to cope with what the future may hold.

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Common Questions Relating to Misdiagnosis Claims

You may need to be assessed by a medical team for us to better understand your limitations caused by your misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis.

Compensation will take into account future physical and psychological support required, specialist equipment and adaptions to your home that are needed. Also, any future pain and suffering that you may experience will be taken into account alongside the loss of work and income related to your injury.

The report, by the All. Can cancer initiative, warns that one in five (21 per cent) of UK patients surveyed said they waited more than six months to get the correct diagnosis.

To prove emotional distress this will need to include witness testimony documentation and other evidence related to your claim. You can of course provide your own testimony including information on lack of sleep, anxiety, flashbacks and other emotional injury.

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