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We have many years of experience in dealing with personal injury and medical negligence claims and a proven track record of securing the right levels of compensation for our clients and often deal in complex and high-value cases.

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    Helping you claim brain injury compensation

    No-one can predict when a brain injury will happen, and the consequences can be life-changing and financially devastating, especially when the accident is not your fault. As leading personal injury solicitors, GoodLaw Solicitors LLP have a team of experienced and respected UK trained lawyers who are here to represent you and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve and help you get your life back on track.

    We have handled several head and brain injury cases. It is vital you get the compensation you deserve to help with the support you will need and on-going rehabilitation and expenses that go with that. Brain injuries can be extremely serious and can leave you with an impacted quality of life leading to an adult not being able to work, relationship difficulties, children being left with the inability to be educated right through to everyday individual tasks becoming impossible.

    Common causes of brain injury:

    Brain injury relating to medical negligence

    There are rare occasions that brain injury is caused due to medical negligence. Medical professionals owe what is known as a “duty of care” and if they fall below an acceptable standard of care, and injury results, you may have a legal right to seek compensation. These cases can be complex and claims are pursued against the NHS Trust responsible for the hospital that treated you. It is essential that you take specialists legal advice from solicitors who are members of recognised panels maintained by The Law Society or by Action Against Medical Accidents ( AvMA )

    Helping you claim the compensation you deserve

    Our specialist solicitors have helped many people claim compensation following serious head injuries. We also have good contacts within the care and rehabilitation industry and can put you in touch with expert case managers. With our experience in this area, we know exactly what to do to get maximum compensation in relation to the severity of your injury.

    How to make a brain injury claim

    If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident which has resulted in a serious head injury then there is a likelihood that you are going to have to spend much of your life fighting to overcome your injury. Compensation may very well be your only chance to be able to afford the level of care you or your loved one may need so it is important that you start a claim as soon as possible if you feel you may have a claim for compensation due to negligence. Even a minor head injury can have a significant impact on your life and lead to substantial compensation.

    No win no fee brain injury claims

    The legal fees that you may be charged to fight a complex case can be incredibly hard to meet especially if you are already under financial strain due to your brain injury. That is why we offer a policy of NO WIN NO FEE. These claims, also known as conditional fee agreements guarantee that your financial stability will not be further undermined as a result of your claim. With a NO WIN NO FEE arrangement you will only ever be charged for our services if your compensation claim is successful in court. 

    Common Questions Relating to Brain Injury Claims

    In this scenario a claim must be undertaken by a “litigation friend”: this is usually a close family friend, family member, or a spouse who acts in the best interest of the victim.
    How much you can claim will depend very much on the impact and severity of the brain injury received.

    Compensation amounts vary from £2,000 – £11,000 for a minor head injury to £330,000 for severe brain damage.

    You may need to be assessed by a medical team for us to better understand your limitations caused by your brain injury.

    Compensation will take into account future physical and psychological support required, specialist equipment and adaptions to your home that are needed. Also, any future pain and suffering that you may experience will be taken into account alongside the loss of work and income related to your injury.

    If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury due to negligence please contact one of our specialist solicitors on 0333 987 4161 to discuss your claim.

    In The News

    The NHS made a near record payout to the parents of a girl left brain damaged after a jaundice treatment went terribly wrong.

    The girl, now 9 years old, was awarded £19 million (the top end for brain injury claims) after being born with severe jaundice and treatment being delayed by Kings College Hospital. The NHS lawyers accepted that there had been shortcomings in her care and agreed to settle the claim.

    The girl’s lawyers claimed that, had medics carried out a complete blood exchange, she may very well have escaped the permanent injury she has been left with.

    Alexander Hutton QC for the trust said “This case did highlight shortcomings in the care that was provided.
    “We are extremely sorry for those shortcomings and I am told that the trust has worked hard to ensure that this will not happen again in the future.”

    In a recent judgement handed down by the UK Supreme Court, Croydon Health Services NHS Trust found itself blamed for incorrect information about waiting times given to an assault victim by a non-clinically trained hospital receptionist. Consequently, the patient, Michael Darnley, suffered severe and lasting consequences.

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