Please note that we are only investigating enquiries made in relation to treatment received between 1970 and 1990

Blood transfusion compensation claims. NHS negligence

Blood transfusions are usually a life saver, used when blood loss occurs after accidents during childbirth and of course blood loss during surgery, however sometimes things go wrong and the errors sometimes create lifelong consequences that can be very serious.

For some blood transfusions part of their vital treatment when dealing with disease and disorders, like anaemia and sickle cell, so it is important the transfusions are carried out correctly.

Life long consequences caused by transfusion errors

Errors during transfusions can result in serious complications and sometimes leave you with life-limiting consequences, errors such as contaminated blood, viruses carried by the blood like Hepatitis and HIV being present in the donor blood or even rarely receiving the wrong blood type which can be fatal. it is important you seek the compensation you deserve if you or a loved one has suffered from a lack of care and negligence to help support you in any way you might need when dealing with the injury or trauma caused by negligence.

We have experience in pursuing transfusion claims, a complex area of compensation.

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    Can I sue the NHS?

    Before making a claim it is worth taking note of the following point.

    Check that your medical issues are grounds for negligence, and not a simple complaint procedure. Complaints about procedure dissatisfaction, or seeking an apology / admission for lack of care / treatment should go to PALS. Read more about suing the nhs.

    When you might have a claim

    Injury, continuous pain or loss due to the act of a practitioner or general lack of care at the NHS is an entirely different matter. You might very well have a claim. The duty of care might have been breached meaning the health care professional/s did not provide the expected level of care. If you believe you deserve compensation you may have a medical negligence claim. Read more about how to claim against the NHS here.

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