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Ocular Oncology Compensation Claims. NHS Negligence

As with all cancers it is important to identify and treat as soon as possible to reduce risk to your health and eye cancer is no different and every bit as serious as any other type of cancer. The first duty of your Oncologist is to spot, diagnose and then treat tumours. ‘Tumour’ does not always mean cancer in fact it just means “lump”, however if a cancerous tumour does exist it needs to be identified and dealt with quickly.

This is not abut blame if you have been misdiagnosed or suffered from delayed treatment this is about restoring your quality of life. Your specialists will be committed to you as any other health care professional is but mistakes can and do happen.

We can tell you quickly if you might have a compensation claim

If you are a victim of eye cancer and feel that your treatment was incorrect or fell below acceptable standards from delay or surgical error then we would like to hear from you, you might be entitled to compensation and as experts in this field we can tell you quickly if you might have a compensation claim.

Can you make a claim?

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Have You Suffered Misdiagnosis?

If you feel your condition deteriorated through misdiagnosis it is quite possible you are entitled to compensation which could be substantial and provide the financial support you and your family need. We are experts in the field of medical negligence and can help you bring about a claim against those responsible.

Find out today if you have grounds for a claim and get the compensation you rightly deserve.

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Can I sue the NHS?

Before making a claim it is worth taking note of the following point.

Check that your medical issues are grounds for negligence, and not a simple complaint procedure. Complaints about procedure dissatisfaction, or seeking an apology / admission for lack of care / treatment should go to PALS. Read more about suing the nhs.

When you might have a claim

Injury, continuous pain or loss due to the act of a practitioner or general lack of care at the NHS is an entirely different matter. You might very well have a claim. The duty of care might have been breached meaning the health care professional/s did not provide the expected level of care. If you believe you deserve compensation you may have a medical negligence claim. Read more about how to claim against the NHS here.