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Amputation Errors. NHS Negligence Claims

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Amputations usually affect the ability to carry out every day tasks and the ability to work. Amputation is obviously a traumatic procedure to have to go through but even more so when amputation has to be carried out due to previous negligence.

Why Claim?

Being left with injury or long term consequences often leads to financial loss, or expenses directly related to ongoing care of conditions caused by negligence. You have every right to claim compensation to help deal with this financial loss.

Can you make a claim?

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Emotional and Physical Trauma Caused by Amputation

Amputations may occur when you have been misdiagnosed, or been a victim of surgical errors or delayed treatment of even minor injuries. People who suffer from diabetes  are at particular risk if not treated quickly for lacerations, ulceration, infections and injury.

We have experience in pursuing Amputation claims, a complex area of compensation.

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Can I sue the NHS?

Before making a claim it is worth taking note of the following point.

Check that your medical issues are grounds for negligence, and not a simple complaint procedure. Complaints about procedure dissatisfaction, or seeking an apology / admission for lack of care / treatment should go to PALS. Read more about suing the nhs.

When you might have a claim

Injury, continuous pain or loss due to the act of a practitioner or general lack of care at the NHS is an entirely different matter. You might very well have a claim. The duty of care might have been breached meaning the health care professional/s did not provide the expected level of care. If you believe you deserve compensation you may have a medical negligence claim. Read more about how to claim against the NHS here.